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Enhancing the first two years of life 

Nurtured Life has been birthed by two passionate Occupational Therapists: Jennifer Maud and Dani-Lee McMillan. 

We believe that every child deserves an enriched first two years of life, with a solid foundation of love and attachment from their caregiver. Nurtured Life aims to partner with parents, who know what’s best for their baby, in enhancing their first two years of life. All the while, supporting those who are Baby’s Whole World: Mom and Dad. Happy parents, happy baby!

Today a baby is brought into a very different world to 20 years ago. At Nurtured Life we have the means to support all babies from birth so that they don’t run into the common challenges later in life. Our vision is for all children who present with any difficulties or delay to be identified as early as possible, supported and provided with the means to ensure best quality of life growing up. Nurtured Life believes that if intervention is done early, by the time your child is school going age, they will have a solid foundation to flourish.

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