about us 

First things first, Dani-Lee and Jennifer are strong believers in a mother’s instinct. From the beginning of time it has always been natures instinct for a mother to protect and care for her young. A mother is born the minute baby is born and along with it floods this mother instinct. At Nurtured Life, we recognise this biological process and nurture it. A mother and a baby have a heart to heart connection, which establishes a solid foundation for development throughout your child’s life. In a society where there are so many differing sources of advice, so many right and wrong ways to mother, we entrust that the mother knows best- it is nature after all. We believe that Nurtured Life is a space for moms to find their instinct, in a non-judgemental environment.

At Nurtured Life we believe in healthy, early attachments, and with this in place the journey of mothering can be enjoyed. A sound attachment between mother and baby, sets up healthy attachments for the rest of that little one’s life.

We recognise that all babies are unique, and they may take a unique journey down their developmental path, however, every baby has the right to enhance their development. We offer monthly developmental screening where we offer advice and a listening ear on yours and your baby’s journey.

We believe that sound development is rooted in having a calm, regulated, fuss free baby. We aim to ensure that your baby’s sensory and motor needs are integrated, to be able to achieve this. We offer occupational therapy services as well as other classes and groups.

We believe in nurturing touch, love and respect and follow the International Association of Infant massage to run our infant massage group. Additionally, we offer classes and groups for ALL babies to generate a culture of community in mothering, learn about our little ones development and gain skills and techniques to support development.