Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an allied health service that aims to assist the community in meeting their daily requirements, participate within the community and participate in meaningful activities of choice. OT with the 0-2 year old population includes:

  • Occupational therapy post discharge

    • Neonatal follow up service with occupational therapist 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks post discharge.

    • Occupational therapy for sensory integration- assisting babies that may be struggling to cope living outside of mommy’s womb. They may present as fussy, lethargic, colicky, sensitive to clothes, certain textures or aversive to different foods/ tastes/ smells.

    • Occupational therapy for neurological, motor and/ or other difficulties/disorders.

    • Facilitating development- not all babies reach their developmental milestones as stated in a textbook. Some may present with delays due to illness, premature birth, and environmental restrictions or just are slower to develop than others. An occupational therapist can work with the mom and baby to assist in achieving these milestones. Common delays include crawling, walking and learning to go to the toilet independently.

    • Parent education and support.

    • Facilitate bonding and attachment- there are a number of difficulties that may influence a baby and its caregiver from bonding. DIR Floortime is an approach which our team uses to facilitate engagement, eye contact, communication and attachment through facilitating play between the baby and caregiver.