Nurtured Mom -Nurtured Baby

Nurtured Life is proudly runs a Nurtured Mom, Nurtured Baby group. This group is for all parents and their little ones to come enjoy a fun filled program created by a a dynamic group of passionate OTs’, speech therapist, and Life and Wellness Coach. There are different groups depending on your baby’s age (1-5 months; 6-12 months; 12-18 months; 18-24 months).

Each weekly session focuses on:

  • Maintaining a sensory healthy, well regulated baby.

  • Bonding and attachment

  • Feeding and growth

  • Baby’s developmental milestones.

  • In the older groups, baby’s will be given various activities to enhance development.


When: Thursday’s

TIME: 10 - 11 am every Thursday for 5 weeks

WHERE: Mediwell Dainfern Square

COST: R 1250 for the 5 weeks

Bring a friend and receive 10% off!


This is the perfect group for you if you would like to learn a bit more aboout baby’s development, as well as for baby to receive stimulation and exposure to tasks before heading offf to creche or school.

Come and meet new moms and learn the skills for enjoying this precious time with your little one.  We would love for you and baby to join us in these special times of connection, care and development. Contact: 082 827 3897 (Jen) or 083 644 7202 (Dani)