meet the team
Dani-Lee Mc Millan

Dani-Lee McMillan is an occupational therapist and a co-founder of NurturedLife. She is passionate about supporting the growth and development of babies as well as providing guidance and support for their families. Dani-Lee has worked as an occupational therapist in private practice with children between 2-12 years old. It was during this time that she realised her passion for early childhood intervention. Her passion extends to all children with a special interest in the premature infant as well as children with sensory processing difficulties. She is trained in the DIR floortime approach, has undergone training in Little Steps Neuro developmental Care for the premature infant by Welme Lubbe and is completing her training in sensory integration. Dani-Lee has relocated to London, United Kingdom. She is available for Skype consultation and any administrative or marketing questions.


Jen Maud

Jennifer Maud is a passionate Occupational Therapist with ten years experience of treating 2 - 12 year olds through her various practices around Johannesburg - Jennifer Maud Therapy Group. Jennifer Maud has extended her service and together with Dani-Lee McMillan, co-founded Nurtured Life. Jennifer firmly believes in early intervention and early healthy attachments, which create more opportunities in a child’s life. Jennifer has a deep love for the new born baby and understanding that creating an intentional safe and sacred space for mom and babe to develop in, establishes life long developmental success, physically, socially and emotionally.
Her heart desires to see children living a life of joy, acceptance, and deep connection to their parents/caregivers. It’s her passion to see children living a well balanced life full of potential. She believes it is important to not only focus on the child’s weaknesses, but to highlight their areas of strength, with the intention to draw that out of them. The type of therapy she gives has always been holistically focused, looking at environment, socio emotional influences, and sensory, physical and cognitive input.


Claudia Kotzen

As a certified Life Coach with Honours degrees in Psychology and English, Claudia believes in your fullest potential. The coaching process is a dynamic collaboration of wellness and wholeness, connecting you with your true self and unblocking any distortion that may have formed during this journey we call life.

Claudia is so thrilled to celebrate the parent that you are becoming, and is passionately committed to a powerful heart connection between you and the beautiful child you created. 

Claudia is intrigued by the effect of environmental factors on DNA and how we, as human beings, have the ability to step outside of our biggest fears and dissect them at a logical level, effectively combatting stress and other factors that impede our joy.

Involved in techniques implemented in Cognitive Therapy, Reality Therapy, Family Therapy, inner healing and wholeness, and with a passion for Existentialism, Claudia has an empathetic insight into the delicate bond between parent and child, and the intricate play between self and other. She explores core values and core beliefs that construct the reality we create for ourselves, and desires to bring healing to areas of our lives we’ve broken or got stuck in. She is committed to seeing parents thrive in their role as mother and father, and is effective in equipping people to simplify the noise in life and become centred on what really matters; what’s most valuable to you.

She’s worked with a variety of private and corporate clients, dynamic in her approach to equipping others to live life full, and has developed small workshops that have become a safe haven for many women.


Joanne Bradley

Joanne Bradley is a certified Infant Massage Instructor and Advanced BabyGym Instructor. She is passionate about supporting newborns and their families and has a special interest in premature babies and special needs. Joanne has worked with newborns and their parents for the last 15 years supporting them with issues such as reflux, colic, sleep problems, delayed milestone development and attachment issues. Her passion extends to ensuring that babies reach all their milestones well, which helps ensure optimal sensory and brain development.

She has been a board member of the South African chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage for 12 years. She qualified as a BabyGym instructor in 2006 and as an Advanced BabyGym Instructor in 2010. In 2017 she completed the BabyGym Play Learn Grow Program and is certified to train Teachers and Therapists in the BabyGym Play Learn Grow Program for 0-3yrs. In 2006 she trained as A Massage in Schools Instructor in London and has implemented the Nurturing Touch Program in many schools in SA. Joanne’s classes are relaxed and informative, always working around the baby and their immediate needs.